•REINE DE REINES V2• Collection


The •REINE DE REINES• V2 Collection will release as Surprise Drops throughout January - March of 2021.

This Collection features 5 Variants, Each LE-10, Uniquely featuring No Epoxy (Reminiscent of The •DIVINITY• Collection)

“Return of The Reine” - Ft. Red/Turquoise/Purple UV-Reactive Enamel + Stardust + Gold Metal

“Akashinga Empress” - Ft. Orange/Red UV-Reactive Enamel + White Glow + Copper Metal

“Royal Luminescence” - Ft. Neon Yellow/Pink/Green UV-Reactive Enamel + Neon Yellow Glow + Stardust + Chrome Metal

“Queens Liberty” - Ft. Turquoise UV-Reactive Enamel + White Opal Glitter + Turquoise Glow + Copper Metal

“Grape Airavata” - Ft. Purple/Turquoise UV-Reactive Enamel + White Opal Glitter + Gold Metal

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