Collection Vault


The •COOL KIDS• Collection 2nd Edition comes in this time around SUPER LIMITED to just under 50pcs total through 6 Variants!
Another specially noted element regarding this collection is that it features TWO variants completed by two wonderful Collectors and Appreciators of my work; “FROSTBITE” a variant created by Michelle E., and “ONE LOVE” created by “Spencer C. Their variants were winners of a contest hosted in my Facebook group “Trae IsAAc’s Groovy Gang”.


The First Collection of •GEMSTAR• variants was met with such resounding love and appreciation that I saw fit to bring it back as not just my first Surprise Drop, but this time releasing TWO THEMED SETS featuring FOURTEEN ALL NEW VARIANTS along with a Deluxe Full Set featuring a ONE-OF-ONE variant.

The •GEMSTAR V2• Collection is a tasteful serving of an all new set of 6 variants focused on creating new possible GEMSTAR formations when assembled with one or more, or to be adorned as an elegant individual. Colorways...