Aesthetics & Image is paramount in the careers of organizations and entrepreneurs in any lane. The Presentation of your product/service is one of the most important connections and areas of impression you have to make with your audience. From online, to in-person print, merchandise & overall "look" of your Brand, you should always be in a position to make the most meaningful impression with your image as possible. The impressions you make should always be impactful and memorable, and it is well within my range of skill and expertise to create such an impression for your project(s) using my unique aesthetic that depicts Epic Elegance & Movement. 

When creating Logos and understanding I have the responsibility of creating the “face” of your brand that you’ll be using to promote yourself and your product(s), I take into mind the following:

Cleanliness of the design (the most important part), your logo should not be “busy” with things that have nothing to do with the PURPOSE and VALUE of the brand, but still detailed enough to express the concept/point. Also you have to think about reproduction of your logo, if your logo is too “busy” then costs to print and produce your logo onto merchandise and promo materials will be very high. Think about logos of Fortune 500 companies, they look clean and get straight to the point using minimal shapes/subjects/colors...the Nike logo is simply a “Swoosh” but has a specific representation and meaning, along with the company being worth billions.

Timeless and Unique Aesthetic, you shouldn’t have to get a new logo unless you WANT one, not because you NEED one. The symbol you choose to represent your Brand should be able to stand the test of time in terms of its visual appeal as you continue to grow your Brand, it should remain visually relevant to your Mission, Values, and Products/Services. Also how unique is your logo, it should NOT look like clip art from google and it should NOT be a self-portrait, it should truly represent your entity as something to be valued and remembered. Your logo should be direct, people look at a logo to identify the PURPOSE and VALUE of the brand.