The •LA DÉESSEE FLORA• Collection

The •LA DÉESSEE FLORA• Collection

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The •LA DÉESSEE FLORA• Collection is my latest entry into the realm of Epic-Art (as I call it), combining familiar elements from my fine art that most of you have also collected through various pin-collections, the Artwork presented here is meant to compliment the continuity of my aesthetic and style while also elevating it to another level.

The term “ LA DÉESSEE” is French, and means “The Goddess”; and “Flora” is the Roman Goddess of Vegetation and Fertility, as a nod to “birthing” inspiration for this design.

The eyes inside the palms of the hands represent the marriage of Vision and Creation, as an intimate point of view of everything that gets manifested by hand and also how the inspiration from what you see can lead to what you create.

The Flower is The Goddess, and encased inside of an Egyptian-styled headdress that provides an Almighty yet Elegant presence. A Beautiful balance of Sharp and Soft, Strong and Subtle...yet overall Epic

Each Pin will be available as Individual Blind Bags (Randomly Chosen)