The •BUSHI• Collection is a celebration of my very first Pin Release in March of 2019 which was The •SHOGUN• Collection, exhibiting a Samurai Headdress unique to my personal Fine Art aesthetic of Strong-Style-Pop-Surrealism.

“BUSHI” shortened from “BUSHIDO” is the term used for the code of honor and morals developed by the Japanese Samurai.

Distinctive and meaningful features of the Mask feature; 2-sets of eyes as a representation of viewing life from more than 1 perspective, Geometric facial features adding a duality of crystal-like-elegance and armor-like-boldness, 12 spherical gems along the sides as a nod to the 12-months since its first incarnation, and an Elephant-Tusk curved beard.

The pin itself is double-posted, measuring in @ approx. 2.25” set inside white-dyed metal with the intent of making the colors “pop” anytime the piece is exhibited, 6 vibrant variants of enamel colors, some featuring glitter and glow, covered in a crisp-clear epoxy to add protection and an additional compliment to the colors used.

As I try to always add meaning to my art, pin-variants allow me to tell further stories through the colors used in each piece, there are 6 Variations in The •BUSHI• Collection all Limited Edition of 20:

“Kamigoye” being a Japanese term referring to “Surpassing Gods” in-terms of warrior-like attributes combined with pure-intentions, primary in the context of the Samurai Code. This variant will utilize 3 distinct shades of blue, from ocean-to-ice in full-glitter-enamel.

A Japanese term meaning “Poison”, referring to the dissimilar methods and tactics of combat used by Samurai, from swords, grenades, and poisons. The colorway represents a warrior who is ready not only to attack but also prepared to respond. This variant will specifically feature purple-glitter, and green-glow; a first for The Trae IsAAc Pin Collection.

When I released The •SHOGUN• Collection back in 2019, the full-color variant featured The Signature colorway of The Trae IsAAc Brand; Red representing burning passion and love, Turquoise representing the fluidity and efficiency, and Purple representing self-worth and intangible value. These colors return in this collection as an honor to the first.

As an artist of almost 15-years, colors are of-course my best friend, and Primary Tool in my journey as an artist. This variant sees the primary colors (Red/Blue/Yellow) utilized to add a “friendly” aesthetic to the piece.

Beginning in The •DIVINITY• Collection I’ve released an evolving colorway titled “HUES” as a reference to “Boundless Behavior” through art and life as a whole. Hues Returns this time titled after a Japanese term meaning “exuberant and vibrant”, depicting a wave of colors washing over The Shogun.

Only available in DELUXE “FULL SET”

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