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•REINE DE REINES V2• Collection


The •REINE DE REINES• V2 Collection will release as Surprise Drops throughout January - March of 2021.

This Collection features 5 Variants, Each LE-10, Uniquely featuring No Epoxy (Reminiscent of The •DIVINITY• Collection)

“Return of The Reine” - Ft. Red/Turquoise/Purple UV-Reactive Enamel + Stardust + Gold Metal

“Akashinga Empress” - Ft. Orange/Red UV-Reactive Enamel + White Glow + Copper Metal

“Royal Luminescence” - Ft. Neon Yellow/Pink/Green UV-Reactive Enamel + Neon Yellow Glow + Stardust + Chrome Metal

“Queens Liberty” - Ft. Turquoise UV-Reactive Enamel + White Opal Glitter + Turquoise Glow + Copper Metal

“Grape Airavata” - Ft. Purple/Turquoise UV-Reactive Enamel + White...


I Present To You:

The •BROKEN PARADIGM• Collection

A Hypnotically-Tasteful representation of my Own Evolving Creativity and Aesthetics, Breaking through new Realms throughout my Artistic career Since 2006 when I originally began hand-painting on various garments.

Though my journey I’ve had the blessing, honor, and task to manifest a multitude of creative things, places, and overall experiences for myself and others to enjoy.

As you all begin and continue to learn more about who and how I am, I hope you witness and appreciate my level of focus, dedication, and detail into every word I speak/type and each piece of Art I...

•AIRAVATA• Collection


The •AIRAVATA• Collection is based on my consistent and evolved use of Elephants in my Fine-Art works. This Collection of Winged Elephants represent Our Journey of Enlightenment as We All Individually travel the course of Our Lives seeking Solace through Peace of Mind.

the 6 Variants are (Top, Clockwise):

Neon Blacktop LE-20

Lavender Lord LE-20

Noir Sherbet LE-20

Majestic Prime LE-20

Almighty Indra LE-10

Ultra-Mighty Mo’ LE-20 (Center)


•DIVINE FLIGHT• Collection

Divine Flight
The •DIVINE FLIGHT• Collection is based on the Elegant Style & Aesthetic of a Mural painted By Trae IsAAc in his Hometown of Detroit, MI. in 2020.
The Enamel Pins inspired from that piece were conceived with the intent of presenting an Iconic Symbol that can be adorned to represent a multitude of Events and Emotions that we Experience collectively or as individuals.
🎨🚨🎨Production for this Collection was 100% Fast-Tracked by funds from The One Mind...

•PEACEMAKER• Collection

Peacemaker Collection By Trae IsAAc
This Body of Work is aesthetically-inspired by a collection of Original Paintings I completed in 2019 titled “Get These Hands”, which was a series of hand-gestures completed in techniques that expressed a balance fluidity and structure.
As a universal gesture for Peace, and a widely known expression of Welcome and Love; The Peacemaker Collection is a series of Art that proudly boasts and displays those Divine attributes.
There are 6 Variants available and are all LE-20