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This body of work is inspired by a painting I completed in 2016 titled “The Wilderness”, featuring this figure sitting among a forest of flora as it manifests the Beautiful Complexities of its Mind into a World of Organic Variables.
The Pin measures at 3.25” and is available in 5 Variants:
FT. Red Glow + Red Glitter
LE - 20
Adorning Royal garb and representing the epitome of Fluid Being, This Zen Master features bright red Gems to stand for the Passion in which it uses as fuel to Manifest....


This 3rd installment of the Legendary Cool Kids Collection comes in as a Surprise Drop.

Off the heels of the Cool Kids V2 that (Over)Sold Out Overnight which forced me to sell my Artist Proofs, I was moved to replace my set but also return with more for all.

Due to the pace and manner the last batch sold, this serving of 5 variants will ONLY be available to buy as Individual Blind Bags, to encourage multiple unique and new Collectors

Each Variant in this wave comes set in shiny Gold Metal with mixes of Glitter, UV, Glow, and  Standard enamel colors.

The 5 Variants Available...

•GEMSTAR• Collection

Variants in this Collection Include:
"Rouge" LE - 15
"Eridium" LE - 15
"Jade" LE - 15
"Stone" LE - 15
"Divinus" LE - 5
"Hues" LE - 5
"Phoenix" LE - 3


BOOM SHAKA LAKA! My first Pin Release consisting of sets and individuals of my enamel pin series entitled “The Shogun Collection”, featuring my signature samurai mask and floral pattern. 
Each Pin is 2' tall soft enamel with epoxy fill 

The “Emperors Gold”, “Passion Grey”, and “Blood on the Leaves” variants are limited out of 15pcs per 

The “Color God” variant is limited out of 5pcs


The DIVINITY Collection is inspired after my signature floral pattern that represents all that is natural and divine, along with my signature color-way of Purple (Royalty)/Red (Passion)/Teal (Fluidity) with appropriate touches of Black/White/Gold Metal throughout the series. Each pin will be 3” Soft Enamel.

The Collection is limited to 50pcs and limited to the following variants:

Divine Creator: LE 15
Divine Nature: LE 15
Divine Blackout: LE 15
Divine Hues: LE 5