Collection Vault


The DIVINITY Collection is inspired after my signature floral pattern that represents all that is natural and divine, along with my signature color-way of Purple (Royalty)/Red (Passion)/Teal (Fluidity) with appropriate touches of Black/White/Gold Metal throughout the series. Each pin will be 3” Soft Enamel.

The Collection is limited to 50pcs and limited to the following variants:

Divine Creator: LE 15
Divine Nature: LE 15
Divine Blackout: LE 15
Divine Hues: LE 5


The “Cool Kids” Collection is inspired by my aesthetic of hand gestures that I’ve been known to create throughout my fine-art career, and the cool/groovy demeanor and energy you find about special people who never let anything get them down.

The iconic Shaka symbol comes in 6 fresh variants featuring rainbow and white-dyed metals amongst gold and pink as well.

The “Creator” variant is inspired by my signature paint colorway. LE 15

“Hues” makes a return this time utilizing rainbow metal and super limited. LE 5 EACH

“T.I. Negative” will be a must-cop for those...


As every other piece featured throughout my catalogue, The REINE DE REINES Collection draws direct inspiration from aesthetics, styles, and elements that are prominently featured in my Fine Art pieces.

The name “REINE DE REINES” is French for “Queen Of Queens” and the title is represented through a beautiful Goddess offering a deep glare into the windows of the viewer. The piece also features an tastefully placed Eye of Horus as a symbol of protection, an infinity symbol wrapping its way around the base, a mighty elephant wielding a third-eye to bring a presence of...


The •BUSHI• Collection is a celebration of my very first Pin Release in March of 2019 which was The •SHOGUN• Collection, exhibiting a Samurai Headdress unique to my personal Fine Art aesthetic of Strong-Style-Pop-Surrealism.

“BUSHI” shortened from “BUSHIDO” is the term used for the code of honor and morals developed by the Japanese Samurai.

Distinctive and meaningful features of the Mask feature; 2-sets of eyes as a representation of viewing life from more than 1 perspective, Geometric facial features adding a duality of crystal-like-elegance and armor-like-boldness, 12 spherical gems along the sides as a nod...


The •COOL KIDS• Collection 2nd Edition comes in this time around SUPER LIMITED to just under 50pcs total through 6 Variants!
Another specially noted element regarding this collection is that it features TWO variants completed by two wonderful Collectors and Appreciators of my work; “FROSTBITE” a variant created by Michelle E., and “ONE LOVE” created by “Spencer C. Their variants were winners of a contest hosted in my Facebook group “Trae IsAAc’s Groovy Gang”.