The First Collection of •GEMSTAR• variants was met with such resounding love and appreciation that I saw fit to bring it back as not just my first Surprise Drop, but this time releasing TWO THEMED SETS featuring FOURTEEN ALL NEW VARIANTS along with a Deluxe Full Set featuring a ONE-OF-ONE variant.

The •GEMSTAR V2• Collection is a tasteful serving of an all new set of 6 variants focused on creating new possible GEMSTAR formations when assembled with one or more, or to be adorned as an elegant individual. Colorways from previous Collections return to make their debut in the •GEMSTAR• mold, along with a few originals.
The 6 Variants in this Collection include:
“Sunny Side Up” LE - 10
“Plant Based Crystal” LE - 10
“Cloud Candy” LE - 10
“Primary Weapon” LE - 10
“Turned Stone” LE - 10
“Desert Storm” LE - 10
The •GEMSTAR SFX• Collection is based on the utilization of unique and elaborate variants through the use of select glitter and glow enamels. Future colorways of such extravagance in the •GEMSTAR• silhouette will release in limited quantities, making this serving of 6-at-once a remarkable occasion.
Also with a dissimilar twist; each of the G-SFX variants come equipped with either special discounts or stipulations that can be used or cashed-in at anytime.
The 6 Variants in this Collection include:
“Crystal Sherbet” LE - 10 - Owners Are Entered Into A Raffle For A FREE 8.5x11” G-SFX Themed Print (Blind Bag).
“Divine Darkness” LE - 9 - Owners Have Rights To Bypass ONE Blind Bag Stipulation To CHOOSE Their Desired Variant from ANY Trae IsAAc Pin Collection
“Frozen Kamigoye” LE - 10 - Owners Are Entered Into A Raffle For A FREE Pin from The •MAYOOR• Collection (October 2020 Release).
“Dark Dokugiri” LE - 10 - Owners Receive A Discount Code for 10% Off Their Next Purchase
“Ultralight Beam” LE - 10 - Owners Have Rights To Preview The •MAYOOR• Collection Prior To Public Unveiling
“Magenta De La Renta” LE - 10 - Owners Receive A Discount Code For Free Shipping On Their Next 2 Purchases
The •STEALIE TRIO• consists of an LE-6 “Jerry’s Jewel” variant ONLY available in this trio and in the DELUXE full set, with two additional Blind Bagged variants from either •GEMSTAR V2• or •GEMSTAR SFX• Collection

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