•MAYOOR• Collection

The MAYOOR Collection
This body of work sees a Trio of Mayoor (Hindi, for Peacock) as a general representation of our Beautiful and Divine Self, adorning universally known symbols of Protection (The Hamsa), Eternal Life (The Ankh), and Balance (The Yin-Yang). The posture and form of the Peacocks also have their own meaning that tells a story of Inner Triumphs through the adversities of our journey; Left: Defeating Brash with Balance. Center: Overcoming Passivity with Protection. Right: Killing the Ego through Enlightenment.
Pieces in this Collection measure in @ 4”
There are 3 Official Variants with 1 Deluxe Variant:
OG TRINITY (Ft. Teal/Red/Purple Glitter): LE-20
GROOVY GRAS (Ft. Green Glow & Purple Glitter): LE-20
OMNIPRESENCE (Ft. Stardust Glitter): LE-20
DELUXE VARIANT (Available Randomly Through Blind Bags & Deluxe Set Only):
DIVINE ACCORDANCE (Ft. Stardust Glitter & White Glow): LE-5

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