The •GARDEN OF ISAAC• Collection is a miniature yet refined redux of my Second Original release •DIVINITY•, however this time I’ve included a unique yet familiar twist.

My signature and iconic floral pattern returns in an interconnectable silhouette reminiscent of The •GEMSTAR• Collection, that allows you to form a Wreath Garden once 6 pieces have been collected.
This Collection features 6 Variants which are all LE-15:
Tealeaf OG” w/ Red Glow + Purple Glitter
Redroot Chrome” w/ Red Glitter 
Black Opal Orchid” w/ Full Glitter
Neon Rosewood” w/ Pink Glitter
Whiteshroom Gloweed” w/ Green Glow + Pink Glitter
Retro Flash Lily” w/ Full Glitter


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