This 3rd installment of the Legendary Cool Kids Collection comes in as a Surprise Drop.

Off the heels of the Cool Kids V2 that (Over)Sold Out Overnight which forced me to sell my Artist Proofs, I was moved to replace my set but also return with more for all.

Due to the pace and manner the last batch sold, this serving of 5 variants will ONLY be available to buy as Individual Blind Bags, to encourage multiple unique and new Collectors

Each Variant in this wave comes set in shiny Gold Metal with mixes of Glitter, UV, Glow, and  Standard enamel colors.

The 5 Variants Available Here:
"Groovy Greed" LE-20 Ft. Full Green Glitter & Green UV
"Throwback Homie" LE-20
"Passion Pulse" LE-20 Ft. Full UV
"Teal Grapes" LE-20
"Pride of IsAAc" LE-5 Ft. Stardust Glitter & Red UV

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