This body of work is inspired by a painting I completed in 2016 titled “The Wilderness”, featuring this figure sitting among a forest of flora as it manifests the Beautiful Complexities of its Mind into a World of Organic Variables.
The Pin measures at 3.25” and is available in 5 Variants:
FT. Red Glow + Red Glitter
LE - 20
Adorning Royal garb and representing the epitome of Fluid Being, This Zen Master features bright red Gems to stand for the Passion in which it uses as fuel to Manifest.
“Master of Madness”
FT. White Glow + Teal Glitter
LE - 20
Creation is an Astounding Act witnessed from those who appreciate from the outside, however for The Creator the divine task demands for requirements that may be taxing to the mind/body/soul. This Zen Master has conquered and triumphed over the obstacles of The Process to Manifest Fluidity and Seamlessness, bringing Efficiency to its Works.
“Harmonic Discipline”
FT. Pink Glitter + White Glow
LE - 20
Falling in Love with The Process is an inevitability for every Creator, to the point that their Work will consume their Being. The Work and The Creator become one in Perfect Harmony, this Zen Master has cast away all that is vain for the sake of Creations Brimming Beauty.
“Guru of The Galaxy”
FT. Blue Glitter + Yellow Glitter + Stardust Glitter
LE - 20
A Creator wielding Experience and Fearlessness in-turn creates a Universe in which they seamlessly Move and Manifest to a point of immense Self Gratification. Mastery of The Arts brings upon a being who is in-tune with itself and ever-present within its mind/body/soul. This Zen Master has become the very Universe in which it Operates.

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