The •FAZIL• Collection

The •FAZIL• Collection

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The •FAZIL• Collection

This pin is the evolution of a design for a floral-dragon I conceived and used in my paintings in and since 2015

The intent of the aesthetic was to go away from the typical looks of what we’ve seen and know to be generally labeled as “dragons” with looks that feature elements of ferocity, and achieve a look of sleek-majestic-elegance.

The name “FAZIL” is an Arabic name (Spelled “Fadil”) meaning “Virtuous” which is a character-attribute that I greatly value and hold close to my heart. As it relates to the design, this “Virtuous” Dragon is a Protector and Provider of Peace and Patience.

Each Pin measures at 3.25” w/ 4 back-posts

New Variants will be added to the Drop Pool weekly throughout June 2021 and Available As BLIND BAGS (Randomly Chosen Unless You Have Bypass Voucher)

Each Variant is LE-15 featuring:
-Electroplated Metal
-Opal Glitter
-UV Reactive Enamel

Current Available Variants:

”Artemis The Divine” (Pink Dragon)

”Electric Sobek” (Yellow Dragon)